ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty has always been against animal experiments. In keeping with this, we don’t use any raw materials from dead animals in our products. All of our products are therefore suitable for vegetarians.

In addition, the vast majority of our products today are vegan. This means that they are not only free of animal extracts, but also of any products of an animal origin. An example of this is the widely used organic dye carmine, which is also found frequently in decorative cosmetics. We do not use this dye because it is an animal product; instead, we rely on vegan dyes.

In exceptional cases, to ensure product quality we use natural substances that have special properties. This applies, for example, to beeswax, which improves the consistency of mascara and regulates how easily and evenly lipstick can be applied. Beeswax has nourishing and protective properties for the skin and cannot be synthetically developed or replicated.

This overview shows you which products are vegan. All of our vegan products are labeled as such on the packaging.

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ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND stands for natural cosmetics with proven efficacy, which we develop from singular raw materials through innovative sustainable action.


  • With Plant Extracts
    from certified organic farming (kbA)
  • own deep spring water
  • Efficacy and skin-compatibility scientifically confirmed.confirmed efficacy
  • Free of Animal Extracts