According to the German Federal Statistics Office, there were 417.2 million tons of trash in Germany in 2018. We want to make our contribution to reducing the amount of waste. To do so, we will reduce non-recyclable production waste by 30%. We also plan to convert to 100% recyclable, reusable refills or degradable packaging. For some products, including oils, we cannot do without plastic packaging due to their consistency or shelf life. We plan to use 50% recycled plastic from post-consumer recyclate for such products.

What does “post-consumer recyclate” mean?

Post-consumer recycling involves processing packaging waste used by end consumers and added to the recycling loop via the yellow bag or bottle/can return stations. This type of recycling requires more effort. But it has the great advantage of helping to prevent more plastic waste flooding into our seas and oceans.

By the way: All of our products meet the requirements of the Green Dot recycling network and can be disposed of in the yellow bag, yellow bin, glass collection or wastepaper bin. And our boxes are made from FSC paper. That means the paper comes from sustainable forestry.

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Together with our suppliers, we will reduce packaging waste as soon as we receive the packaging materials. We will also recycle unavoidable waste. We already put office materials and the elastic overshoes that we use in production into the recycling loop. To do so, we work together with TerraCycle, which makes non-recyclable waste recyclable and prevents millions of tons of waste from being burned.


In the future, we would like to use 100% sustainable packaging such as refillable packaging, recycled plastic, or biodegradable plastic. When selecting our packaging, we will follow the EcoDesign principle:

  • Refuse: Do not use any packaging
  • Reduce: Use as little packaging as possible
  • Reuse: Refill existing packaging
  • Recycle: Reuse waste products

With our BODY CARE series, we have laid the first important cornerstone for our sustainable packaging of the future. With recyclable, reusable or biodegradable packaging, we want to protect our most important commodity: nature.

Robin Bielefeld, Head of Sales

Learn more about our sustainability strategy

Learn more about our sustainability strategy

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