Pure power of plants: out of respect for animals and nature

Vegan is a ‘trend’ – while veganism has remained unseen in the public for a long time, it is now one of the media’s top themes when it comes to nutrition, health and lifestyle.

“Vegan” is much more than just a diet. It is a lifestyle and a sustainable perspective on our world, which focuses not only on health, but also on areas such as the environment, animal rights and welfare.

The vegan idea is also much more than a ‘show’ for ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND. From the outset, we have dedicated ourselves to a careful management of natural resources. We strongly reject the use of animal experiments as well as the use of animal extracts.

What does “vegan” mean?

Simply put, people who live a vegan lifestyle dispense of any products that contain ingredients of animal origin. They do this mostly for ethical reasons, because they do not want to be exploited for their own standard of living. The vegan lifestyle does not only concern the diet: whether it is clothing, accessories or cosmetics – whoever decides for a vegan way of life, chooses animal-friendly alternatives in all areas of life.

Vegan cosmetics and natural cosmetics- What are the differences?

Vegan and ecologically justifiable? In cosmetics, however, these requirements often disappear. In order to guarantee that only non-animal origin substances are used, cosmetic manufacturers must replace them with synthetic or natural substances. These vegan alternatives are not always available in organic quality or they contradict the principles of natural cosmetics.

Börlind vegan label

(All vegan care products from Börlind are marked with the vegan label)

Vegan natural cosmetics by ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND

Vegan natural cosmetics by ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND therefore presents two challenges:

1. In the manufacturing we dispense of, without exception, animal substances and animal experiments.

2. All vegan ingredients meet the high ecological demands of pure natural cosmetics.

Our vegan natural cosmetics are:

✓ free from animal extracts
✓ free from substances of animal origin
✓ without animal experiments
✓ with plant extracts from organic cultivation (organic)
✓ without mineral oil derivatives
✓ without parabens
✓ marked with our Vegan label

Natural Beauty – Always Vegetarian

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products have always been vegetarian. For the effectiveness of our natural cosmetics, we are fully committed to the potential of the plant world and its natural botanical substances. On the one hand, our formulas contain nourishing substances such as, for example, natural beeswax, since they have special properties and can not be otherwise obtained. Therefore, not all ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products are vegan.

Vegan product miracle: More than an alternative

It is in the nature of ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND to always be a step ahead in natural science. This also applies to the search for innovative vegan ingredients. Our special focus is on finding pure herbal substances and refining them to highly effective natural cosmetics using the latest scientific knowledge.

In doing so, we elicit the nature of vegan drug novelties, which put their animal alternatives to shame!

Some of our vegan highlights: Botanical fresh cells

A plant-based fresh-cell kick for beautiful skin – without any animal extracts or side effects. When using botanical papyrus fresh cells in cosmetics, Börlind is a pioneer. The highly effective papyrus extract is obtained from stem cells of the leaves. It stimulates cell renewal, strengthens the skin barrier and thus has a particularly moisturizing effect.

Our products with fresh cells from the botanical papyrus:

Botanical hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the connective tissue and has been extracted from animal extracts, later synthetically or from bacterial cultures, in the cosmetics industry since the 1980s. The botanical hyaluronic acid of ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND is obtained from “Silberohr”, Tremella fuciformis, which is known in Japan and China as a healing and edible fungus. The fungus extract of hyaluronic acid is very similar to the chemical structure of the skin. Botanical hyaluronic acid has an equivalent moisturizing and smoothing effect, but leaves the skin feeling much more soft.

Our products with botanical hyaluronic acid:

Vegan products by ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Transparent beauty

You would like to see at a glance whether your natural cosmetics is vegan? In our online shop you can easily find your selection of vegan natural cosmetics under the category “vegan products”. The Vegan label is featured on all of our vegan products. For safety and transparency, we also provide an overview of the ingredients, their effects and composition for you on each product page in a detailed and comprehensible manner.