The Perfect Complexion

Every woman dreams of a flawless, perfect complexion. In reality, however, the skin does not always look so even. Depending on the type of skin, we are repeatedly plagued by impurities, dry skin patches or eye rings. However, you can counteract this with the correct care and the right cosmetics suitable for your skin tone. In addition, you can use the light contouring technique to gently sculpt your face and make facial features more prominent or more subtle through visual effects.

A perfect complexion is achieved in a few simple steps, read on to learn more!

The Right Care

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Die richtige Pflege

Appropriate skincare is essential for a perfect skin tone. It must be chosen according to the type, because each skin type has different needs. Our system care products are tailored to the specific needs of varying skin types.

In the case of impure skin, which tends to have blackheads and a greasy T-Zone, our COMBINATION series is the right choice. Particularly sensitive skin should be nurtured with the ZZ SENSITIVE series. For mature, demanding skin, our SYSTEM ABSOLUTE or NATUROYALE are the right choice. These are just a few of our many care systems, explore more here. To learn more about which care system is the right one for your skin type and needs it is best to consult a professional, attend a consultation or speak with a knowledgable representative. If the cream is too rich or not rich enough, impurities can occur quickly. If, on the other hand, it is not nurturing enough, the desired effect is not achieved.

Our care system maintenance according to our recommendation consists of the following five steps:

To give facial skin optimum care and keep it healthy and beautiful over the long term, it should be cleansed twice a day, in the morning and evening, thoroughly, but gently. It is only in this way that skincare products have the opportunity to implement their effects fully.

This step prepares the skin for the care products to follow, and intensifies their effects. The moisturizing products, specifically tailored to skin type, have an antibacterial, soothing, balancing or regenerative effect.

Our day care, specifically tailored to skin type, protects the skin against negative environmental influences and premature aging.

During the night, the skin metabolism works in top gear. Caring night cream assists night-time regeneration of the skin and provides the skin with an intensive supply of active ingredients.

Treat yourself to some very special care to complement this daily systematic care: our extra-care products have an intensive and targeted effect, tailored to the characteristics of your skin.


After applying the day cream and the eye care product you should give the care system 10 minutes to feed well into the skin, then it is perfectly prepped for cosmetics!

First, the skin must be primed with a foundation. In order to cover small impurities and still create a natural skin tone, a liquid make-up with a medium covering power is best. Compact make-ups, on the other hand, are ideal for permanently covering red spots, bumps or pigmentation problems.

Different make-up types – Which is the best for me?

Fluid Makeup

Liquid make-up is available with different covering power, as a rule it has a light to medium covering power and long durability on the skin. It is particularly suitable for women with dry skin, as it provides extra moisture throughout the day. It is also great for light wrinkles, since no powdery particles can settle in the creases and disturb the even complexion.

Compact Make-up

A compact make-up is the right choice if you need a little more opacity. Redness, bumps or pigmentation problems can be covered very well by compact make-up. Using a sponge or blending tool with the compact make-up – as well as the liquid version – makes applying easy and seamless.

The foundation should be dabbed with a make-up sponge evenly on the skin. It is best to start on the forehead and work your way down to your chin. This is so the foundation appears completely natural and no unwanted shadows occur. It is important to gently massage the make-up with the sponge in the direction of your hair line and neck.

Concealer – your magic wand

Now it is time to take care of all those relentless impurities and under eye shadows. Tired eyes and dark circles can be compensated with concealer. This works best when the concealer is brighter than the previous make-up and has the same basic tone (yellow or pink). Place the concealer against eye rings under the eye and then gently tap in. You can also repeat this process two or three times depending on the desired effect. If you have impurities, such as acne, red spots, and scares, dab the affected areas with concealer and then gently pat it in.

By the way: If you want a more natural look, apply the concealer before the foundation!

Contouring – gentle modeling

The next step is contouring, with a concealer and a little practice, you can “cheat” with make-up and make your face look narrower, highlight desired parts and make small wrinkles unseen. Use a concealer brush to apply the slightly lighter color to the parts you want to blind a little. In the case of a slightly wider nasal part, for example, draw a narrow line down the nose and slightly tap to blend. If you want to make facial expressions around the mouth unseen, surround the mouth with the concealer and blur the line slightly by tapping. Then draw a concealer line from the corners of the mouth to the nose and tap them to blend.

What is the best powder?

The right finish gives your makeup a powder.

Compact powder

Anyone expecting more opacity from a powder should use a compact powder. Stay focused on your T zone and only lightly dust the edges of your face. One advantage of this powder type is that the compact makes it easy to transport, so you can quickly re-powder to kick the shine on long days.

Loose powder

Loose powder can be distributed easily on the skin, therefore looking very natural. It serves to prevent the skin from shining and is perfect for setting make-up. It has a very fine consistency that can get messy, so they are better left at home.

No matter which powder you choose, this should be applied evenly with a large-area brush. Do not forget the hairline as well as the transition to the throat, otherwise unsightly make-up edges can be created quickly.

Finally, the perfect complexion can be completed with a little blush and/or bronzer. You can accentuate your cheek bones by putting blush directly on the circles of your cheeks and using bronzer below, where your cheeks sink in slightly. Remember to tap your brushes to remove excess powder before applying!

“Good night” for the skin

Removing your makeup at night is essential for your skin to regenerate optimally. After thoroughly cleaning the skin it is best to prep the skin with a strengthening toner or gel and apply the appropriate night care cream. Night creams tend to be a little richer than day creams, replenishing your complex for a radiant glow the next morning!