The Ecological Footprint is the impact of a community on the environment, expressed as the amount of land required to sustain their use of natural resources. As our earth is not infinite, we must be prudent about our earth and the resources available.

With great and small actions, we as a company make our ecological contribution in the production of our natural cosmetics.

Water fresh from the Black Forest

Water is an integral elemental of our lives. This is why it is important not to waste it, but to use it carefully and cautiously. Our Black Forest deep spring water from our own source at Calw is unencumbered and very soft, providing the perfect basis for our cosmetic products. We also offer our visitors and staff at BÖRLIND GmbH our own deep well water as a refreshing drink too – naturally served in sustainable refillable glass bottles!

“Made in the Black Forest” is for us not only a quality promise, but also a sign of social responsibility.


ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND supports a water treatment project in Kenya by producing and providing water filters. The project is dedicated to giving access to clean drinking water for households in rural areas of Kenya. Traditionally, the water treatment consists of boiling the water, where firewood had to be burned. The water filters (seen in the photos above) do not need any electricity or operating materials. The filled water container can be used via a tap after it has passed through a filtration process driven by gravity.

By participating in this Climate Partner Program, the company compensated for the resulting greenhouse gas emissions in 2015. The company’s daily contribution to climate protection is displayed via a CO2 calculator on a digital info board at our Black Forest company headquarters.


Of course, in addition to the offset project we have a genuine care for sustainability in our production and our sales. BÖRLIND carries the CSE-Seal (Certified Sustainable Economics) certified for sustainable management.

As a result, the reduction of energy consumption is a high priority for us as a company to reduce CO2 emissions. For example, we use the CO2-neutral dispatch of our parcel and letter service providers, plan our routes in sales ecologically efficiently (annual award for the “Green Fleet” by VW and the NABU), have rehabilitated roofs and thermal insulation and are already using green electricity and multi-use Energy.

At BÖRLIND, we employ around 220 employees and produce more than five million natural cosmetics products annually. The company generated 717.8 tons (2014: 764.2 tons) of greenhouse gases in 2015. For comparison: In Germany, an average of about ten tons of CO2 is produced per person. BÖRLIND produces only as much carbon dioxide as 72 Germans.

“When it says natural on the outside, there’s also sustainability on the inside.” – Sustainability is based on the balance and equivalence of the three pillars: ecology, economy, and social responsibility. More about our commitment to sustainability can be found here: Sustainability at BÖRLIND .