LL REGENERATION – System Vitality

Discover the freshness, vitality and power of our LL REGENERATION care series!

System Vitality for a younger,  fresh look

Over the years our skin is stressed every day – stress, fatigue and many biological factors ensure that our natural regeneration capacity decreases from 30 onwards. This is most marked by our skin, first signs of skin aging appear, the complexion becomes paler and the skin itself becomes less and less elastic.

LL REGENERATION is a perfect solution for skin requiring regeneration. Thanks to our LL-Biocomplex, it has provided the skin with necessary care since 1974, giving it a new vitality and elasticity. The purely botanical effects of the LL biocomplex is based on a combination of natural and valuable care substances, which promote regeneration and stimulates cell renewal for a visibly more lively and taut complex. It is completely without mineral oil derivatives or genetically manipulated plants. The LL biocomplex system care series LL REGENERATION is skin-compatible and its patented methods scientifically confirmed.

Lively and optimistic fragrance

The scent of the system care series LL REGENERATION from ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND is based on the classic fragrances rose and jasmine, which together form a stimulating heart note. Cloves give the fragrance a spicy-balsamic note, which enhances the optimistic and positive impression thanks to its expressive character. Vanilla, geranium, and vetiver complete the “good mood” character and cedar and sandalwood oil form the velvety soft base of the system care series LL REGENERATION.



LL REGENERATION Gentle Cleansing Milk

The LL REGENERATION Cleansing Milk gently cleanses your skin from make-up and impurities. It is equally suitable for face, neck and décolleté. The cleansing milk also stimulates cell renewal and thus ensures tight, youthful skin.

Active ingredient

St. John’s wort

Improves the skin’s moisture content and reduces moisture loss. Soothes and relaxes irritated skin. Astringent effect.


LL REGENERATION Revitalizing Blossom Dew Gel

The LL REGENERATION Blossom Dew Gel provides moisture, face, neck and décolleté. The ingredient Echinacea has a regenerative effect so that the skin is optimally prepared for further care.



Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and regenerative effect. Supports the skin’s defenses and protects against free radicals

Protection for the day

LL REGENERATION Vitalizing Day Cream

Thanks to shea butter, the skin barrier is gently strengthened. The LL REGENERATION Vitalizing Day Cream provides the necessary moisture and protects for the skin all day long.



Creates a protective barrier on the skin and supports its acid protective layer. Prevents loss of moisture and encourages skin regeneration.

Care For The Night

LL REGENERATION Revitalizing Night Cream

The LL REGENERATION Revitalizing Night Cream preserves the skin moisture even at night thanks to bio-sesame oil. The skin cells are renewed overnight – the next morning your complexion is fresh and radiant!



Skin easily absorbs the oil extracted from sesame seeds, making this product intensely nourishing. It has a replenishing effect, leaving your skin feeling good.

Eye Care


Thanks to high-quality plant oils and the natural LL biocomplex, the LL REGENERATION Eye Cream protects and softens the eye area. The skin becomes more vital and even.



Good for all skin types, this calming, soothing complex works to reduce puffiness.