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Is your skin in need of extra hydration, energy, firming, or soothing? Our 2‑Phase Shakes are the perfect addition to any beauty routine. LEARN MORE


Our 2-Phase Shakes consist of an oil and water base phase, with carefully selected ingredients known to target specific skin concerns. Shake to combine power ingredients and use as a replacement for your day or night cream, or as an extra step to your beauty routine after cleansing. Which shake does your skin need?

  • No genetically modified plants
  • Efficacy and skin-compatibility scientifically confirmedConfirmed efficacy and compatibility
  • No parabens
  • No silicones
  • No mineral oil derivates
2-Phasen-Hyaluron Shake

For dehydrated skin

2-Phase Hyaluronan Shake

  • Reduces appearance of wrinkles
  • Provides skin with intensive moisture
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed
Boerlind 2-Phasen-Hyaluron-Shake Hyaluronsaeure

Vegan hyaluronic acid comes from Chinese white jelly fungus.

Boerlind-Phasen-Hyaluron-Shake Rotalge

Contains deep sea red algae, which helps the skin store moisture.

Boerlind- 2-Phasen-Hyaluron-Shake Tiefenquellwasser

We use our own natural spring water from the Black Forest, Germany.

2-Phasen-Aloe Vera Shake

For sensitive skin

2-Phase Aloe Vera Shake

  • Reduces irritation, redness, and tightness
  • Protects the skin’s natural barrier
  • Winner of the ELLE International Beauty Awards and Prix de Beauté
Boerlind Produktsequenz_2-Phasen-Aloe-Vera-Shake Aloe-Vera

Organic aloe vera supplies the skin with amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Aloe Vera farm guatemala

We source our organic aloe vera from a project in Guatemala and ensure that the farmers have a fair income.

Aloe Vera Shake test result excellent

This shake was tested by 41 consumers for 3 weeks and rated as “excellent.”

Orangenblueten Energiespender

For tired, dull skin

Orange Blossom Energizer

  • Gives your skin a glow
  • Protects against premature aging
  • Energizes skin
Boerlind Produktsequenz Orangenblueten-Energiespender Orange

Ingredients from oranges and orange blossom protect the skin against premature aging.

Boerlind Produktsequenz Orangenblueten-Energiespender Oele

Precious jojoba and macadamia nut oils nourish the skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft.

Boerlind Produktsequenz Orangenblueten Energiespender Duft

Envelops the skin with the fruity, fresh fragrance of oranges.

Rosenblueten Vitalspender

For mature skin

Rose Blossom Vital Care

  • Protects and smooths the skin
  • Counteracts collagen breakdown
  • Smells like fresh roses
Boerlind Produktsequenz Rosenblueten-Vitalspender Schwarzwaldrose

The Black Forest rose it contains provides the skin with intensive moisture and refreshes it.

Boerlind Produktsequenz Rosenblueten-Vitalspender Froschungsprojekt

Black Forest rose stem cells are an ingredient that we exclusively developed ourselves.

Boerlind Produktsequenz Orangenblueten-Energiespender Oele

Precious jojoba and macadamia nut oils nourish the skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft.

Frequently asked questions

You can use our 2-Phase Shakes to replace your day or night cream, or as a supplement after cleansing and before your day or night cream.

The shakes consist of two phases. Shake the bottle very well before using to ensure that the two phases combine. Next, pump once or twice into the palm of your hand and spread the shake evenly over your face.

The shakes consist of an oil phase and a water phase. The transparent phase is the water phase and the colored one is the oil phase.

Boerlind Awards CSE

Certified Sustainable Economics
For responsible, ecological, social, and quality-oriented company management

Innovative through research 2020/2021

Innovative through research
For extraordinary commitment to research and development as a natural cosmetics manufacturer

Boerlind Awards Green Brand

Green Brand Germany
For our ecologically sustainable products and company management

Boerlind Award GIA

German Innovation Award
For the research and application of Black Forest rose stem cells

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND stands for cosmetics with proven efficacy, which we develop from singular raw materials through innovative sustainable action.


  • With plant Extracts
    from certified organic farming (kbA)
  • Own deep spring water
  • Efficacy and skin-compatibility scientifically confirmed.confirmed efficacy
  • Free of animal extracts


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