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FAQ – General

Does ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND produce natural cosmetics?
Do natural cosmetic products have a shorter shelf life than conventional cosmetics?
Do natural cosmetics have a different effect than conventional cosmetics?
Where are BÖRLIND products made?
Do the ingredients BÖRLIND uses also come from the Black Forest or the region?
Which seals do BÖRLIND products have?
Does BÖRLIND do animal testing or are the ingredients tested on animals?
What are vegan cosmetics?
What do the numbers on the product boxes mean?
Where can I find a list or explanation of the ingredients?
Does the order in which the ingredients appear on the INCI list mean anything?
Do ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products contain palm oil?
Does BÖRLIND use parabens in its products?
Does BÖRLIND use mica in its products?
Does BÖRLIND use mineral oil in its products?
What benefits does spring water have in comparison to conventional tap water?
Which preservatives does BÖRLIND use in its products?
Does BÖRLIND use shellac in its products?
Does BÖRLIND use carmine in its lipsticks?
Are the UV filters that BÖRLIND uses coral-friendly?
Does BÖRLIND use talcum in its products?
Does BÖRLIND use α-Tocopheryl acetate in its products?
Does BÖRLIND use xanthan gum in its products?
Where does ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND source the aloe vera it used?
Can all products be used during pregnancy?
Does BÖRLIND also make nail polish?
What does the abbreviation CSE stand for?
Which company or association confers the CSE seal?
How long has BÖRLIND had CSE certification?
What exactly does CSE certify?
What are CSE’s criteria for the ingredients of natural cosmetics?
How often is a company subject to CSE certification?
What are the benefits of CSE?
What are the disadvantages of CSE?
Is CSE certification recognized internationally?
Which other companies have received the CSE seal?
Does BÖRLIND want to become certified with other popular seals such as NATRUE and COSMOS in the future?
Does having the CSE seal certify that ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND produces natural cosmetics?
Does BÖRLIND GmbH pursue other activities in the spirit of sustainability?
How does BÖRLIND support the climate protection and drinking water project in Cambodia?
What is the carbon footprint trend at BÖRLIND?
A little bit of the product always remains in the container and I can’t get it out. What can I do?
What does BÖRLIND mean by “sustainable packaging?”
Can the packaging be recycled?
Is it possible to refill ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND products?
What criteria are used to select product packaging at BÖRLIND?
Is nature exploited to obtain sugar cane in Brazil?
Are boxes truly necessary?
Why does the plastic of the containers with the “I’m green” seal have different proportions of sustainable raw materials?
How far are the transport routes for the BODY CARE packaging?
The BODY CARE products label says that they can be separated and recycled. What exactly needs to be separated?ecyclebar sind. Was genau muss getrennt werden?
When will all of BÖRLIND’s products finally have sustainable packaging?
What are chemical exfoliants?
What are AHAs?
What is the significance of different of fruit acid exfoliant concentrations?
What is the difference among the various types of exfoliants?
What can exfoliants do?
What exactly is blue light?
Why do some people call it “HEV light?”
Where is blue light located on the light spectrum?
What is a light spectrum?
Is there any natural protection against blue light?
Why has blue light become more dangerous?
Why is blue light used to treat acne?
How exactly does the blue light barrier work?
Has the ability to protect against blue light been scientifically confirmed?
Do all carotenoids protect against blue light?
Why doesn’t a product that protect against free radicals also protect against blue light?
How does blue light affect our skin?
Why does BÖRLIND use phenoxyethanol?
What is phenoxyethanol?
What is phenoxyethanol used for?
Why are preservatives necessary?
Why do the guidelines of natural cosmetic seals such as BDIH or COSMOS exclude phenoxyethanol?
What does the EU Regulation on Cosmetic Products say about phenoxyethanol?
How do I know whether a preservative is harmful or harmless?
Why is phenoxyethanol controversial?
In what amounts of phenoxyethanol does BÖRLIND use?
How many Börlind products contain phenoxyethanol?
Are there plans to reduce the use of phenoxyethanol?
When is phenoxyethanol used?
What preservatives do other manufacturers of natural cosmetics use?
What is the advantage of phenoxyethanol?
Does ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND use nickel in its products?

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND stands for cosmetics with proven efficacy, which we develop from singular raw materials through innovative sustainable action.


  • With plant Extracts
    from certified organic farming (kbA)
  • Own deep spring water
  • Efficacy and skin-compatibility scientifically confirmed.confirmed efficacy
  • Free of animal extracts


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