Lifetime achievement: Annemarie Lindner wins the Beautyworld Cup 2009


The Beautyworld Cup 2009 for Annemarie LindnerAnnemarie Lindner received this award from the beauty industry in recognition of her lifelong achievement and services to the industry.

The Beautyworld Cup is presented every year at Beautyworld in Frankfurt. The award goes to individuals or companies who have rendered special services to the industry or have enriched it with their creative ideas. This year, the jury chose entrepreneur Annemarie Lindner to receive this honor. The Beautyworld Cup was presented at a ceremony on the opening day of the trade show, January 31, 2009. The award is presented by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH and German perfumery association Bundesverband der Parfümerien e.V.

Entrepreneur Annemarie Lindner is a pioneer of natural cosmetics and skincare products tailored to specific skin types. In 1959 she founded the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND brand, now a leading name in the beauty industry, which continues to grow in popularity. “Annemarie Lindner’s legacy is remarkable. She succeeded in the cosmetic industry because she dared to try new things. She has deservedly won the Beautyworld Cup in recognition of her services to the development of innovative natural cosmetic products,” said Beautyworld manager Eva Olbrich.

Already an established event in the annual calendar, the Beautyworld Cup is presented by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH and Bundesverband Parfümerien e. V. every year at Beautyworld. In 2008 the coveted award was won by journalist Regina Stahl, beauty and cosmetics editor at German Vogue. Previous winners have included renowned personalities such as the Estée Lauder family, Karl J. Troll, Chantal Roos of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and Helmut Baurecht of Artdeco.

Words by Angela Regler, Messe Frankfurt

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND stands for cosmetics with proven efficacy, which we develop from singular raw materials through innovative sustainable action.


  • With plant Extracts
    from certified organic farming (kbA)
  • Own deep spring water
  • Efficacy and skin-compatibility scientifically confirmed.confirmed efficacy
  • Free of animal extracts


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