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November 2017: Börlind GmbH receives second GREEN BRANDS quality seal

Börlind, the natural cosmetics producer from the Black Forest with the ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Natural Beauty and DADO SENS Dermacosmetics brands has been honored with the GREEN BRAND Award for the second time.

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October 2017: Statement about Discoloration

Börlind GmbH exclusively uses natural dyes to dye your care products. The color of the product can also depend on the ingredients used.

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October 2017: Statement about Ampoule Treatments

Ampoules are among the safest packaging materials for both pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Since our ampoules are filled under clean room conditions, this eliminates the need for conventional preservation. Nevertheless, they have a very long shelf life.

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October 2017: FAQ Blue light/ 3 IN 1 Face Oil

Blue light refers to short high-energy wavelengths and visible light which is more dispersed in the atmosphere than other wavelengths within the spectrum of visible light. Sunlight contains this kind of light. Blue light is also in numerous artificial sources of light such as TVs, PCs, tablets, laptops, monitors, and mobile phones.

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September 2017: Statement about 2-Phase Products

2-phase products consist of two fluids. One is the oil phase, a mixture of what are known as lipophilic substances. The other is a water phase, also known as the hydrophilic Phase.

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September 2017: ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND 3 IN 1 Face Oil awarded “Les Victoires de la Beauté” 2017 – 2018

Paris played host to the 15th award ceremony of the “Victoires de la Beauté” on September 25, 2017. Among the prize winners was ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND with its 3 IN 1 Face Oil, which will be available in shops as of October 9 this year.

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June 2017: ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty honored again for successful brand management

The expert jury at German Brand Awards 2017 has once again declared ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND - Natural Beauty the winner in the "Industry Excellence in Branding/Beauty & Care" category.

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June 2017: Statement about acrylates

Acrylate polymers are produced from alkyl esters of acrylic acid (C10-C30), acrylic acid, methyl acrylic acid and/or other acrylate polymers. ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Sun Fluid SPF 20 and DADO SENS Sun Gels SPF 25 and SPF 15 all contain acrylate polymers. Börlind GmbH is not in favor of microplastics.

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