“Innovative through research” award

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND - Innovative through research award

Börlind GmbH, with its brands ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND – Natural Beauty and DADO SENS Dermacosmetics, has been awarded for the second time with the seal “INNOVATIVE THROUGH RESEARCH” by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft [Association for the Promotion of German Science and Humanities].

The association acknowledges the special commitment to research and development shown by the natural cosmetics manufacturer from Germany’s Black Forest. “This seal is a wonderful tribute to and confirmation of our work, and spurs us on to continue being so active in research and development,” said Guylaine Le Loarer, Head of Research and Development at Börlind GmbH.

Since its foundation in 1959, Börlind GmbH’s product innovations have attracted attention again and again. With its LL range, the company brought skin-regeneration cosmetics on to the market as early as 1974, at a time when the term “anti-aging” was not yet part of everyday language.

In 1997, the development team at Börlind GmbH explored new avenues in emulsion technology and launched the first natural cosmetics product containing ceramides similar to those in the skin. Börlind is also a pioneer in deploying fresh botanical papyrus cells to strengthen the skin barrier and botanical hyaluronic acid as a moisturizer. The same applies to the company’s use of little-known raw materials, such as red-hot poker nectar or dhatelo oil. Or its very recent product launch of “Beauty Pearls Anti-Pollution” in which botanical caviar (a macroalga) plays a leading role.


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